Dear reader,

This is the second issue of the journal Estonian Social Science Online (ESSO) .

The journal as a project has been launched with the help of the grant recieved from the Open Estonia Foundation and forms a part of the electronical resources of the Estonian Social Science Data Archive.

The journal should be of interest not only to sociologists but to all people who deal with the social sciences. 

ESSO publishes mainly scientific articles. In addition each issue will contain an essay on the relationship of society and social sciences and a chronicle of current events in Estonian social sciences. There is also a readers’ discussion group. Book reviews, announcements and other such things will be added in the future.

We look forward to contributions and information for the coming issues. Keeping in view that the publishing process of an electronic journal is short it is also possible to issue operative thematic editions.

We are grateful to all contributors and other persons who helped to create this journal. 

As this is one of the first such publications in Estonian social sciences, we welcome all comments and proposals concerning the journal’s future.

Wishing interesting reading and discussions,

Project’s initiators:

Margus Dsiss

Paul Kenkmann

Rein Murakas

Margus Paas (managing editor)

Andu Rämmer (managing editor)

Peeter Vihalemm

22 December 2000