MA theses defended in the field of sociology at the University of Tartu in 1998

Veronika Kalmus defended the master thesis "Estonian ABC-books 1900 - 1997: Reflections of Cultural and Ideological Changes" in Oslo, 21.09.98.

Summary of the thesis

Andu Rämmer defended the master thesis "Social Representations of Social Structure among Estonians" in Tartu, 1998.

Summary of the thesis

Anne Õuemaa defended the master thesis "The Perception of Social Category "Disabled People" in Estonian Society" in Tartu, 1998.

Summary of the thesis

BA theses defended in the field of sociology at the University of Tartu in 1998  

1 Kadi Kerge cum laude Timing of child's birth on the background of mother's education during the past decade
2 Kätlin Kruus   Ex-Reformatory Pupil in a Ordinary School
3 Meeli Murasov   The Individual Cost of Unemployment
4 Mait Müürsepp   The subject and application possibilities of the sociology of justice in modern society
5 Heili Pals cum laude The problems of interpretation of the interaction effect in the analysis of variance and log-linear analysis
6 Signe Schultz   About Conversion Motifs to the New Forms of Religion
7 Riina Senipalu   The graduates of Tartu Art School in Estonian transition society
8 Mari Uba cum laude Media Construction of National Identities Project
9 Marko Veisson    Aspects of Shamanism in the Light of V. Turner's Conception of Liminality
10 Külli Viks cum laude Perfomance Appraisal. The Introduction of the Appraisal to Estonian Civil Service


BA theses defended at the Estonian Institute of Humanities in 1998  

1 Airi-Alina Allaste Rave culture in Estonia
2 Rene Altrov The space use of Estonians in interaction
3 Edith Kiilmaa Employment and unemployment: the problems of polar age groups on the labour market
4 Kersti Neiman Roland Barthes - as a structuralist, semiotic, critic, writer: his place in modern thinking, myth theory, possible analogues in Estonia
5 Maret Nukke Suicide in Japanese society
6 Kristel Uibo The construction of software piracy as a social problem