Psühholoogiaosakonna teadusmagistritööd 2003 aastal
Jrk. Autor Teema Juhendaja
1 Triin Hannust Children's astronomy knowledge and its change in the course of learning Eve Kikas
2 Ingel Kahru Reported parenting and attachment styles in social phobic and depressive patients Katri-Evelin Esop
3 Ly Kästik Individualism-collectivism and elementary forms of sociality Anu Realo
4 Iiris Luiga Higher-level processing in substitution and metacontrast masking: interaction between mask and target Talis Bachmann
5 Marika Paaver Impulsivity and platelet MAO activity: association with health-compromising behaviours like problem drinking, smoking and driving while impaired Jaanus Harro
6 Jeannine Marie Richards Social representations of gender in the hidden curriculum of school textbooks in Estonia and England Olev Must Veronika Kalmus
7 Annika Tina Contribution of need of achievement and avoidance of failure to academic achievement Jüri Allik Helle Pullmann
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