1. Name: Peeter Vihalemm  E-mail

2. Position: University of Tartu, Head of the Department of Journalism and Communication, Professor

3. Date of birth: 11. 09. 1944

4. Education: University of Tartu, Estonian philology (specialization in journalism)

5. Research and professional experience:

1969-71 University of Tartu, Laboratoryof Sociology, junior researcher

1971-78 Estonian Agricultural Academy, Department of Philosophy, lecturer

1978-92 University of Tartu, Department of Journalism, Associated Professor

1989- University of Tartu, Department of Journalism, Head

1992- University of Tartu, Department of Journalism, Professor

6. Academic degrees:

Ph. D. (candidate of science) in psychology, Univerity of Leningrad 1974: Role of Attitudes in the Reception of Newspapers' Texts

8. Research-administrative experience:

9. Current research program: Estonian society and media in transition

10. Current grant funding:

11. Dissertations supervised:

Master's thesis in Sociology - Mart Einasto, Triin Vihalemm

Master's thesis in Journalism - Halliki Harro, Roosmarii Kurvits, Indrek Treufeldt